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It would be wonderful if every dog and cat had a "forever home" with a loving family.  Howlmore Animal Sanctuary provides another place for animals who, for whatever reasons, are not easily adoptable. Our mission is to insure that these wonderful dogs and cats have a long term, safe and happy home. We accept them on the basis of space available.

and health maintenance basis, socialization opportunities with humans as well as other animals, and an ongoing educational effort to provide the community information regarding adequate care, housing and treatment of pets and other animals. When appropriate, the animals cared for at the sanctuary will be made available for adoption into individual homes. In the absence of such a home, the animals at the sanctuary will be maintained throughout their lifespan.

Howlmore Animal Sanctuary has been formed to provide for the rescue, rehabilitation, housing, and lifelong care of abused, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise unwanted dogs and cats. This program will include provision of long-term housing in suitable buildings and outside living space for these animals, necessary and appropriate veterinary care on an emergency 

"...he will be our friend for always 
and always and always." 
Rudyard Kipling

"Until one has loved an animal a 
part of one's soul remains unawakened." 
Anatole France

Our sanctuary is a setting in which they can interact with other animals and with people. We provide dogs and cats with indoor and outdoor areas where they can live out their days in a healthy and secure environment. We make certain that all animals are provided veterinary care to insure their comfort and health.

​Our aim is to fill in the gaps for those animals which have not been placed by other humane groups despite repeated efforts to do so. Because of our small size and the life time commitment made to each animal, we are not able to accept every animal. We will, however work jointly with other humane groups in attempts to place animals in appropriate settings when no place is available in our sanctuary