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Howlmore Animal Sanctuary

A Safe Haven for Animals in Need



Howlmore Animal Sanctuary, founded by Linda Moore and Hayden Howell in 2008, is a Safe Haven for Animals in Need. The sanctuary provides a home for animals that for whatever reason are not easily adoptable. The special needs of many of our residents may be a major obstacle to finding them a new home. But at Howlmore, they find a secure environment where they rehabilitate and are adopted into "forever" homes or simply live out the rest of their lives in peace.
We find beauty in the faces of each of the sanctuary residents by looking beyond the fear, sadness, defeat and pain and seeing the wonderful creatures within. The dogs and cats at Howlmore truly enjoy a family-like lifestyle. Howlmore is designed inside and out to help every dog and cat feel like part of the family! They are provided with all the necessities and comforts a loving, responsible family would provide. Music plays in the kennels, often accompanied by energetic barking. All of the animals are showered with hugs and kisses to let them know how special they are! This loving attention tells our furry family that they are home. Like people, pets need comfort, space, love and fun. We know that our dogs and cats experience all these and more, throughout their stay at Howlmore. All of the animals enjoy comfortable and spacious indoor/outdoor areas. Located in a rural wooded setting, surrounded by wildlife and natural beauty, the serene setting and mellow environment help our dogs and cats enjoy life here to the fullest. The vitality of our residents, even though they are "special needs" animals, is one of our prized accomplishments. Many require physical therapy, medical attention and nursing care. Despite cancer, liver or kidney disease, paralyses, blindness, deafness, diabetes, neurological or seizure disorders, orthopedic or geriatric problems, the overall impression is still one of vibrant life and peaceful living. A sanctuary indeed.

"...he will be our friend for always 
and always and always." 
Rudyard Kipling

"Until one has loved an animal a 
part of one's soul remains unawakened." 
Anatole France